Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 1: Basic Composition Thumbnails

I chose the French fairy tale Beauty & The Beast
The setting is Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages.  This is a classic fantasy genre with a realistic art style.  I am focusing on three distinct locations in the story: a city where the Merchant visits, a modest country farm where the his family lives, and a hidden palace where The Beast lives.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 1     Basic composition and thumbnail for environment.  

HW: 2 full pages of thmbnails

Week 2     Shape languages and composition  

Hw: 2 full pages of marker and pen rendering

Week 3    exterior building callouts

HW: 1 page of thumbnail sketches and 1 page of different building exterior callouts

Week 4   interior shot of buildings

HW:   1 page of interior thumbnail sketches and 1 page of final interior shot

Week 5   exterior composition sketches

HW: 1 page of exterior thumbnail sketches and 1 page of final exterior shot

Week 6   Prop and vehicle thumbnails

HW:  2 full pages of prop and vehicle ideation sketches

Week 7    shape languages and idea sketches

HW: 1 page of defined prop sketch

Week 8     marker and pen application

HW: 1 page of defined vehicle sketch            

Week 9      applying props and vehicles to environment       (Photoshop sketching technique demo)

HW:  1 page of  your vehicle and prop in the environment

Week 10     finals due

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Material list

- 11x 17 Hammermill brand , 30lbs heavy weight paper  recommended

You can buy it here

- Graphite hb, b, 2b    
-eraser , electric eraser(optional)
- ink pen set   ( these are set of ink pens, size 005, 01, 03,05 ,08)  any brand is fine
          I recommend prisma but steadler or micro are fine
- brushpen : pentel recommended (optional)
- high tech pens (optional)
- whiteout or white gel pen
- rolling ruler  
-copic marker set  either set of cool grey or warm grey
- small sketch book: Moleskine recommended